Check Xiaomi Mi Account Status (and Full INFO) by IMEI or Lock code and make sure the MI status is Off before you buy or sell a Xiaomi device.

The FREE Xiaomi/Redmi checker provides complete information about: Model, Color, Purchase Country, Warranty, Manufacturing Date, Activation Date, Mi Activation lock and other information.

Mi Activation Lock is like Apple's Find My iPhone Activation Lock.
Both lock stolen phones after a reset, requiring the linked account (Mi or iCloud) to unlock.
They focus on security and prevent unauthorized access.

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If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, it's crucial to check its authenticity and warranty status for several reasons. By checking your Xiaomi phone by IMEI, you can confirm whether your device is genuine or not, check its warranty status, and track it if it gets lost or stolen.

Our Xiaomi IMEI check service provides a reliable and easy way to verify your device's authenticity and warranty status, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you have a genuine Xiaomi smartphone.

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Find device is off
Unlock number or IMEI:
Can't locate this device because it isn't associated with a Mi Account. Sign in to Mi Account and turn on Find device.
Erase all data on this device before reselling or giving it away.